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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Soon to be Five

So so so hard to believe Victoria will turn five next month.
The party planning is in full gear.
The petting zoo has been ordered.
We've been to the party supply store several times to get ideas of what theme she wants.  First she wanted a princess party (which she already had when she was one).  Then she saw a Scooby Doo pinata and wanted a Scooby party (which she had last year).  Now she wants a Princess Scooby Doo combo party.  Therefore, I haven't purchased any of it yet.  I love to plan birthday parties.  Now that she's old enough to voice her own opinions (which I love) she's really cramping my party planning ideas.  It's not about me, obviously.  In real five year old fashion we may actually have a combo party if that's what she really wants.   

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  1. I'm already starting to think of what fun thing she and I get to do because it is her FIFTH birthday! A whole day of just the two of us, I'm trying to decide who will be more jealous, Christian...or YOU.