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Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Night at the Train Museum

A few weeks back we had a date set to finally have Christmas with Simon.
Granted it was February, but finally we were able to all meet up to exchange gifts.
Christian was the lucky recipient of more trains and tracks.  He was thrilled!
Here are Simon and Victoria enjoying setting it up and playing with it.

This is the best shot of the night of the three of them.
Hard to believe Simon is a full year younger than V!
The ever so patient Grandma Kaye.
When I was little I wished Kaye was my mom.  Actually, I still do.  For Christmas she gave me a family ornament with all of our names and a set of dish towels hand embroidered by Liv's grandma.  I love them so much I can't use them.  She always goes out of her way to make others feel special.
Our children were given gifts after gifts and more gifts.  Out of everything V received her favorite things was a tin of mints that had a Victoria license plate on the top.  She ate everyone of those sugarless mints then taped the top of the tin to her bedroom door.
Christian and his friend Owivia.
That night when I was putting his jammies on he said, "Owivia nice to me.  Her my friend."
After the gifts we all headed over to the train museum. It was the last night they were keeping it open in the evening to run all the trains in the dark.  This brought out every person in the city.  The place was totally packed.  The kids didn't care.  They could have watched the trains go around and around all night long.
Every train had many details.
Little cities were set up all around the trains.
Since it was so dark in there the pictures don't do it justice.
All the little lights were really pretty.
Christian clung to his daddy to get a good look.
He was bossing him all around pointing and saying, "That way daddy!"
This was by far the coolest train.
It went around a carnival and there were different buttons for the kids to push to make different rides and things work.  Victoria really loved this one.  Earlier in the day I asked her what part I would like best. (Mark had taken the kids there once before without me)  She told me all about this one and she was right, it was my favorite.
Of course they had a gift shop at the end so you could buy your own trains.
Nothing warms my heart more than one of my friends loving one of my children!
When I noticed this look on his face I knew it was time to go. 
It was a very fun night filled with friends, fun and a whole lot of trains.

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  1. Very cute post, KJo. I love that pic of me holding V and laughing. Plus the story of C saying I'm his friend.

    He's right, you know. We ARE friends.