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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dying Easter Eggs

Another holiday tradition I adore.
Dying Easter eggs.
This year was the smoothest it has ever gone.
Almost too smooth.
Not that I'm wishing for spilled dye or anything.
But they're getting so big they barely needed any help.

It was like magic to him.
He learned to be so careful and gentle
placing them in the water to avoid a splash and saying,
"Sorry mommy. Oh well!" when there was a splash.

Of course, fashionista couldn't do it without her little ears.

Hmmmmm. . .how did that happen?
It was stained.  I didn't try to get it off.
I thought it would make for some interesting conversation the following day at Easter.
Turns out it comes off faster than you'd expect.
Maybe I should chill out more often and things would just work themselves out.

They look beautiful - but they're terribly under cooked.

Notice the artistic Easter tree on the left.  Somebody was quite proud of herself!

My favorite picture of the season!!

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  1. Adorable! I also like the last picture. But I love the one of C dying his own eggs, so serious. And the one of V with the pink hand. Her little face is so cute, like she's wondering how that happened?!?!