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Monday, April 25, 2011

Enjoy Spring While It's Here

After living in Minnesota nearly 32.5 years, I have lived through the worst MN winter ever.  Augh.  It was looonngg and coooold!  And we're supposed to get snow this week yet!

So when it's actually nice out we must make the most of it.

These were from a couple weeks ago.  It has snowed twice since.  We'll just keep dealin' with it. . .I guess.

We love to explore across the street.

And pose for pic after pic for Mommy.

Now that we have 'big kids' they ride their bikes there.

Or a scooter.

Feeling like the Big Boy on the Block!

Oh, his smile brightens my day!

Showing off.
She actually posed like that.

She's a fast little scooter girl.

It's not about speed for him. . . . yet!

Geese flying over head.

Cutest profile in town.

Still needs some guidance riding in a straight line.

And pedaling.

Quite possibly my All Time Favorite picture of my little buddy.
Man, I love that boy.

That's what we do in our free time when it's nice outside. 
We take full advantage while we can. . .

1 comment:

  1. A)One of the nicest posts you've ever written!
    B)So many of those photos are fantastic
    C) I love, love, love the pic of you and C smiling together at the end.
    D)My fave pic of V is the one of her with her back to the camera looking at the pond or whatever. I can almost feel her thinking up questions to ask!