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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hoping for Pneumonia

If I would have blogged Monday night (which I wanted to, but I a book had been waiting for for months finally arrived and I read instead) it would have gone something like this:

I took tomorrow off to bring Christian to the doctor.  He's been coughing more and more again.  We know someone who may have whooping cough so we're bringing him in just to be sure.  I feel completely calm about it and doubt if they'll even give him medication.

Little did I know the appt. would actually go like this:

We had to go to a completely different clinic than usual, let alone a different pediatrician.  Change is never fun for little ones.  Victoria and Christian had each earned a trip to the Dollar Strore the previous day.  So in the waiting room they had a great time playing with their rubber snakes.  I read.  No problem.  Not nervous at all.  They call his name and in we go. 

One listen to his lungs the doctor got vey serious and started asking tons of questions and looking up his medical history.  He said, "He needs chest x-rays right now."  We all got up and went straight there.  He even wrote Christian's name, since I was holding him and they took us immediately. 

While the nice lady was setting it all up I texted Mark.  Christian was standing there with no shirt on.  A band of hanging lead around his waste to proctecting his male parts from radiation I would assume.  Following the directions pefectly with his arms streetched as wide as they could go to hold on the the big machine with his chest pressed to it and he not only held his breath when told to, he smiled while they 'took the picture.'  It was a very forced smile but it was a smile non-the less.  Every x-ray he smiled for.  It was adorable.  He, later, proudly showed off his I Was Brave and Got An X-Ray sticker to all his friends.

We had to wait about 20 min. for the doctor and the x-rays (during which time, of course, Victoria had to poop.  I swear she loves to go #2 in public places! As if I'm not stressed out enough!). 

Then the whole appointment really went south. 

The doctor and I looked at the x-rays.  Right away, even I, knew it wasn't good.  The bottom of both lungs were really white. (Usually means fluid)

The doctor was perplexed because Christian has been acting pretty much fine & without a fever.  Unusual for pneumonia.  He treated him for pneumonia but sent the x-rays on to radiology to make sure it's 'not something bigger.'  I do not even like the word radiology.

We're waiting to hear from radiology.  I can barely function hoping and praying pneumonia is what it is and the Azithromax will take care of it.

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