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Monday, April 4, 2011

Tears Before the Fun

I decided last Sunday it would be a good idea to put Christian in the preschool Sunday School class this year instead of patiently waiting until the fall so he could be in the same class with Victoria for a couple months at least.  One of the perks of also being a Sunday School teacher.

They've both been talking about it all week.  Finally, Sunday morning rolled around and they were both pumped and got their cute little outfits.  V and I have told Christian all about it.  As we were driving there he started asking how far away my room would be from him.  That can't be good.  So we swung by Target and picked up some chocolate chunk cookies to celebrate his first day.  We went in.  Everyone was in high spirits.

It came time to bring them to opening to sing their songs.  Victoria hopped (literally) right in and started introducing her little friends to her little brother.  That was difficult though, since little brother was still in the hallway attached to mommy's right leg crying so hard snot was running down his face.  I had several ideas of what to do. . .but I had a class to teach.  So off we went.  Christian sat through 45 minutes of listening to me teach about transfiguartion to 4-6 graders.  He was silently perched on my lap with his head on my chest. 

Then I took out the cookies (I bought some for my class to).  Suddenly he's perked up and has a ring of chocolate around his little lips.

When I took my class to closing the preschoolers were finishing up their lesson.
Christian and I sat in and watched.  Then Kelley, the teacher took out the cookies.  Well, well, guess who perked right up again.  So I slid his own chair next to his sister, told him I'd be back in three minutes, then watched him through the window. 

Before the door even clicked shut he was laughing and coloring with the other kids.  Hmmmmm. . .I left him there until the time was up.  He was just fine and asked this morning if we have Sunday School today.

Last Monday when I told Christian we were going to the gym and he cried, really hard.

What I didn't want to have happen was be pulled out of my class because he wouldn't stop crying.  I swung by Great Grandma's and let him play there for a couple hours while the rest of us went to the gym. 

Today we knew his cousins were going to be at the gym and said he wanted to go.  We got there - tears.  He saw his cousins, who had a lot of fun playing with just yesterday, and the tears kept going.  I had to walk him through the door and basically run away from him listening to him whail. 

I kept my eye on the door waiting for the lady to come and get me.  Which had happened before.

An hour later I went back down there.  There he was running around as happy as can be in a new, too large, t-shirt.  He said, "I crying so tall lady give me this shirt like a blankie.  Then I happy.  I play!"

Yep, looks like I need to force him a whole lot more.

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