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Monday, May 9, 2011

Daddy / Daughter Dance Part II

When I blogged about the Daddy Daughter dance last week I had forgotten Mark took pictures with a different camera.  I finally uploaded them - per Mama Jeanne's request.  She's been so patient waiting to see her boys in action being daddies!!

I always want to be there for every little thing.
But I'm oh so glad they got to do this special thing by themselves (aka - without nosey Mommy!)

Drinking water out of a fancy glass.
Red punch was also offered, but Mark was relieved when she choose the lovely clear liquid.

Wow!  Rockin' out!

Showing off her third corsage she received in 15 days.
Still hasn't actually worn one though.

Dancing the night away with cousin Emilee.

Chatting and looking at their corsages.

Those fancy glasses are so fun.

The picture reminds me of Chris and me when we were little.
Both of our daughters look very much like we did when we were little.
I LOVE to see them having fun and enjoying spending time together.

She loves how the top layer of her flower girl dress falls.

Oh, how she looks like her mommy.

This is the best!  They didn't want to night to end.
Well, that's not true.  Victoria asked several times to leave so Mark was kind enough to take her to Mama and Papas.  They said she crashed not long after her arrival.

We're already looking forward to next year's Daddy/Daughter Dance!!

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  1. I really wish you would have posted some pictures. It would have helped tell the story....