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Monday, May 9, 2011

Staining the Deck and 'Sealing' the Driveway

The one nice thing about hosting a party at your own house is:  It forces you to do things around the house/yard to get ready for it.  I asked  forced Mark to restain the deck last weekend.  He did.  It took up most of the day Saturday.  All while the rest of us were off having fun. (More on that later.)

When Christian and I returned this is what we saw.

Mark bent over staining in between the cracks.

Christian, of course, wanted nothing more than to help daddy.
Since it's stain and not just for fun that wasn't an option.

But I did get him the same container and same foam brush.
I put the same amount of sealer (water) and told him his job was to seal the driveway.

He totally bought it!
This lasted about 45 minutes. 
He is so cute when he copies his daddy!

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  1. You're right about that! He's adorable when he copies his daddy. So serious. Remember when I was sitting on the driveway later and he wanted to do my area? "Move!" with this serious little frown on his face?

    So darn cute.