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Monday, June 13, 2011

Day One of Summer Vacation

Day One of Summer Vacation

We're off to a great start!  After a super jam packed weekend it was nice to cuddle in jammies and have two breakfasts by 9:30am.  The kids have changed so much since last summer.  This morning I could hear giggles from the backyard while I was catching up with the Kardashians and folding all our clean laundry.  I love that I have time to fold it as is it still warm from the dryer!

We had a fun-filled lunch with Papa Wayne.  Whew, it was crazy but boy oh boy, he can wear them out in 75 minutes!  We found out Victoria loves chili as much as I do.  As if we didn't know, no matter how big the bowl Christian will eat ALL the chocolate pudding. 

It's naptime.  Catching up with the Housewives of OC and going to do my nails.

This is the life!

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