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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Leaving for Chicago in the Morning

In the year 2001, I was in college and went on spring break with a friend to the Bahamas.  I haven't been on a real trip with a friend/s except with Mark.

Tomorrow that will all change.

I am going to Chicago with Liv to see NKOTBSB for a sleep over of a lifetime.  We've been having sleep overs since we were ten years old.  We've been besties for a long time and it's about time we travel together.  Granted we're only flying 1 hr 15 minutes away, but still, it's away.

I'm excited for many reasons, except for the two little people sleeping peacefully right now.
It's hard to leave them after being together nonstop for the past five days.

I'm sure they'll love going back to daycare for a couple days and enjoy eating the strange food covered in cheese daddy makes, but I'm going to miss them.

Back to the trip. . .things I'm excited for:

Riding a subway
Seeing NKOTB & BSB
Flying with Liv
Time to read
Time to listen to my book on CD
Having Liv all to myself 24/7X4
Seeing new things
HARPO Studios - even if Oprah's over, I still want to see it. I really hope the sign is still up!
Staying in a hotel - and it's fancy;-)
Relaxing and partying like only BFF's can do in a totally new city.

The NKOTB vintage autographed shirt is packed and we're taking off in less than eight hours.

Long Chi-Town post to follow. . .

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