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Friday, July 8, 2011

And It Keeps Getting Better

This summer that is. . .keeps getting better.  I keep thinking it's peaked and then we have today. 

This may have been the peak people!

It all started with Christian waking Victoria up too early by pounding on her bed (actually face - I believe) all ready to get the day started with Vtoria. (That's the way he always says her name.  Too cute!)

She woke up on the grumpy side. To say the least.

Yesterday was the one and only day we stayed home all summer.

So we headed to that mini-van as soon as breakfast was swallowed this morning.

That magical mini-van always soothes everyone and everything and makes us all so happy.

The three of us slid in and headed to the Farmer's Market.  Christian just couldn't get over how everything had changed since last night at Marketfest.  He was completely in awe and asking a million little questions.
Victoria chose the pea pods (she nibbles them pretending she's Clarence the Tortoise;)
and Christian chose the bin of new potatoes.

Then each child chose a huge gorgeous boquet of flowers.  Then mommy had to carry it all to the bakery.  They chose any cookie they wanted.

Then it was off to the beach - after dropping off the flowers, everybody using the bathroom and everybody getting smothered in sunscreen. 

The Beach.  My haven.  My love. My piece of freedom.  I love our beach.  Love it!!  Love it!!  My favorite spot of the summer.  The recent warm weather has really warmed up the water, brought in the perch too close to shore and grew a whole lot of seaweed in the last few days. 

However, none of that matters because today. . . .


It breaks my heart Mark didn't see it because it wasw magical.  I forgot about my cash, phone and camera left behind on the beach because I couldn't believe my eyes.  The girls was swimming with her little head sticking out of the water like a little turtle but smiling. 

It was magical.  We were hugging, high fiving, and cheering.  It was great.

She practiced and practiced and practiced.  I didn't want her to stop either but eventually we headed to lunch.

Lunch at Cup N Cone.  Again, bliss.  We all shared a sandwich which was devoured because we all knew what came next.  The cutest most perfect little hand sized ice cream cones.  V got chocolate and C got vanilla.  Both ate the entire things. 

We came home and unpacked our sandy gear and it was off to nap.  I relaxed and caught up on some blog reading and am planning on the great things tonight has in store for us.

I love summer.  I love my kids.  I love this freedom! 

(Too tired - lazy - happy to upload any photos.  Maybe next time.)

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