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Friday, November 25, 2011

Just a Few More Days

Fianlly feeling a little bit better, except for the aching ribs.  We enjoyed Thanksgiving.  Even though I barely ate, there was lots of laughter and reminscing.  Watching Christian scarf down a large piece of pumpkin pie only to lean over the table to 'share' Papa's slice with him. 

Lazily getting ready for our annual trip to cut down our Christmas tree this morning.

Even though all that is well and good.  What I'm really excited about it packing today.  Packing the kids up for a few day stay at their good friend's Odelis' house.  Packing my bathing suits, snorkel gear and shorts and sandals.  Not forgetting those passports.

In a few days Mark and I will be in our own slice of Paradise.  We wait all year. And it's almost here.

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