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Friday, April 13, 2012

The Bird Came a Bit Too Early

It's the night before a birthday in our house.  That means a lot of preparation - even though her party isn't for another week.  You see, the Daddy Daughter Dance was tonight.  Plus the Birthday Bird was expected to drop by. 

The Birthday Bird came and decorated.  It looks great.

After all was said and done and Mark and I were watching TV on the couch in the living room I whispered, "If anyone gets up let's pretend we were sleeping."

No less the 30 minutes later Mark started making a weird snorting noise.  I was looking at him and then heard the footsteps.  Christian walked through the birthday streamers and needed to be put back to bed.  He didn't notice a thing.  

Whew!  It was my idea to play sleeping and I missed it!  I am/was tired and knew I'd be heading to bead soon and then WHAM!  The (almost) Birthday Girl came flying out of her room yelling, "He was here!!"  Did she notice the two wide awake parents on the couch?  Yes she did.  But she trusts us so much she believes a bird actually came into our house.

I walked her back to her room to 'check it out' with her.  She stood in awe.  Then I offered an explanation. I got up to go to the bathroom and I was so excited I woke Daddy up.  She didn't even acknowledge it.  I tucked her in and noticed the balloon hanging from her bed with a  6 on it and said, "I am so happy I get to be the first one to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to you!"  Even if it was 45 minutes before her birthday.

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