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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ten Years and a Change

Holy crap, that was an emotional day.  It's not even 7pm and I have the kids in bed and I'm laying down.  I'm torn to read and hope for sleep or go to the gym and get it all out.

Today I had my post-observation for my in-depth (haven't been observed in four years) observation that took place last week.  My lesson went very well and I knew he'd have nothing but good things to say about it today.  What I didn't know, was it would, in fact, be me leaving second grade for next year.

After my observation I started to stand up and then said, " life changing news I need to hear?"  Making sure, it was not me.  His response, "Do you want to hear the whole story right now?"  "Does the whole story have to do with me?" "Yes, is that how you want to end your day?"  "I guess," and I sat back down.

"Kelly, I've decided to move you down to first," were the next words out of his mouth.  I flinched with my eyes closed and had the wind knocked out of me.  I was sad.  Mad.  But my mind started reeling about how many things this would change for me.  I've known it was a possibility for a while now thinking about all the different scenarios.  My biggest thing is that I don't want to change rooms.

I asked him if I could stay in my room.  He said he wanted all 1st grades to be downstairs, together.


1. If it's only a one year deal (we'll need three seconds again the following year) it doesn't make sense to move all that stuff twice.

2. What really the difference if there's an 'empty' (it'll be filled with someone/something) room upstairs or downstairs.

3. What if another section of kindergarten has to added at the last minute (just like it did this year)?  They need to be downstairs.

He agreed.  I can keep 214.  That means Team 214 will live on.  They'll just be a little littler.


1. Victoria and I will be in the same grade.  Not sure if that's actually a pro, but for the sake of needing pros right now I'll take it.

2. At exactly the ten year mark it won't hurt me to make a change and start fresh.

3. There's a strong chance we'll get a new reading curriculum.  Good time for a change.

4. I thought I wanted to teach 1st before I got hired at 2nd.  We'll see if I was right.

5. My friend Amanda won't have to change grades again. She's already taught 5, 4 and 2 at our school in the last ten years.

6. I'll be reunited with a past teaching partner who I actually nominated for Teacher of the Year last year.

The biggest con is leaving my one and only constant teaching partner.  One of the best friends of my life.  She and I seem to read each other's mind.  We're always on the same page.  One taking care of one task while the other takes care of something else.  We're always there to remind the other of something.  The only time I've ever taught without her was when she was on maternity leave, then six weeks later I went on maternity leave too.  She's been so much more than a mentor to me.  She's one of the major reasons I want need to keep my room too.  Proximity of a strong team is important.  I need these ladies to help me through this change.

It's going to be way more planning this summer.  Longer hours on a daily basis.  I've got second grade down to a science, now.

It's a change.  It's going to be difficult.  Hopefully, it's one year and then I can loop with some great kids I will come to love.

** Originally written on April 9, 2012 - could not post immediately because the news was not yet made public.**


  1. 7. All the math lessons are ready for you to use on your SmartBoard. A monkey could do it. Well, a literate monkey.
    8. You have taught two of the three science kits in the past.
    9. Social Studies lessons are all ready for you to use on the TCI site. Again, a monkey could do it.
    10. You know precisely where the kids need to be at the end of the year.
    11. Guided reading is guided reading.
    12. The magic of having their own desks!