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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Batter's Up!

Today was a very big day.
Life changing even.

Today our little boy became a baseball player.
We've been counting down for 19 days for this day.
We joined his buddy Tyler's team.  
Tyler is his best friend from daycare and Tyler's dad is the coach, along with the kindergarten teacher from my school. 

Christian came barreling into our room this morning wearing his TWINS hat saying, "Today is t-ball day!!!!"  Later he said, "Today is my most favorite day ever!" 
And that was hours before he even hit the field.

On the way to the game Christian wanted to know if I would be paying attention to him while playing the game and if so, would be cheering for him and if so, how loud would I be yelling.

I yelled, "Go Christian!" while driving.
"That's not loud enough, really."
"I think it should be a little louder mom."
"GO CHRISTIAN!! Woohooo!!!!!" while clapping!!!!!

That satisfied him, he sat back smiling.

His Biggest Fan

who did not, in fact play soccer today.  She's just wearing those cleats and socks because they are new and somebody else was getting a whole lot of attention for his new gear today.

Up to bat for the first time in his life!

"He got the sweet spot of the bat on the ball,
he really tore the cover of it,
when they fielded the ball it was tattooed with the Louisville Slugger logo,"
direct quotes from Christian's proud daddy!

The ball did make it into the outfield.

He did know to stop at first base.

Getting a pat on the back from his first base coach.

After the game.
So proud of himself!

This is his 'Baseball Stance."

Despite the fact that two hrs before the game Mary Linn called to tell me we were NOT actually on the roster (long call in to the city to get that straightened away), thick mosquitos and a lot of rain,
it was one of the most memorable nights ever.

We're already looking forward to next Wednesday night.
And it's picture night!


  1. Adorable. Are you planning on him playing for the next few years and bought him a shirt he can grow into?

    Did they win? Or do they not even keep score at that age?

  2. One size 'fits all.' No score. Impossible to count!