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Friday, June 29, 2012

Time for Memories

Every summer I think about making memories with my kids.  I'm with them, basically, nonstop for ten solid weeks.  We are on the move.  Will they remember days at the beach?  Will they remember picking strawberries?  Going to the movies?  Having picnics?

One thing I do know, they WILL remember our trips to Colorado.  We talk about it all year long.  Walker and Nash.  Casa Bonita.  Tiny Town. Aunt Joan's house.  Bear hunting.  Breckenridge.  All year we wait for this day.  After many lists, suitcases and coolers, we're on our way.

I know, in the next nine days we will be making solid childhood memories in their childhoods.

I love that.

The excitement.  The car activities.  The family time.  This is it.  We're on our way.

With our newly found Hot Spot I will be able to blog throughout the trip.  I love that too!

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