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Friday, June 29, 2012

If Only We Could Carry a Bathroom with Us

The other day I needed a sympathy card from Hallmark.  (Unfortunately, I've needed two since then)
Hallmark is quieter than a library.  I always whisper in there and my kids are allowed to look but not touch.  I was looking at the cards and Christian politely whispered, "I need to go potty."  "Ok, Buddy I'll make it quick," I assured him.  One minute later, "I really really have to potty mommy," he whispered again.  I ignored him and continued looking.  Suddenly he shouted, while holding himself,

"Let's pay, now," I said.

The very nice older lady who has checked us out many many times stared at him and said very slowly, "Well hello there.  What's wrong with you today, sir?"

"I need to go potty really bad."

"Oh my, I should get moving then."

"Yeah, you should!"

Finally we were in the minivan headed home.  He continued to complain and I started to get a little nervous that we might have an accident.  I said, "I'll get you home in under two minutes and I'll run to the door and you can run to the toilet, ok Buddy?"

"Well I have to stop to take my shoes off first."

"Oh, Honey, you can keep your shoes on."

"I just mopped the floor yesterday!!  EVERYBODY is going to take their shoes off!"

Well, then, that settles it!

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  1. When I was reading this, I kept thinking, "she already blogged this story, I KNOW this whole story!" Then I realized, nope, we actually SPOKE and you TOLD me this story. Talk about blurring the lines.