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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lost for the First Time

After the kids had a dentist appointment we had breakfast at McDonalds, then headed over to the mall.  I wanted to take a peek at Kohl's maternity clothes before I go buck wild at Macy's tomorrow.  I was browsing the clearance rack.  I had heard the Christian say something about the cool foot mats (the ones when you can tell your shoe size by finding the correct size foot after trying your little feet on all the other ones).  It was quiet.  Very quiet.  I walked over to the mat and they weren't there.  I walked around the whole shoe department.  Then the whole lingerie department.  Then the whole pajama and back to maternity departments.  Then I began to get very very nervous.  At least they're together I kept telling myself.  I threw my yet-to-be-purchased shorts down and started yelling Victoria over and over moving down the aisles fast and faster.  

All my priorities for the day shifted.  ALL  I wanted was my kids.

I could not find them.  

My mind started to run wild and I thought maybe they were close to the door and someone coaxed them out of the mall.  I was panting, lightheaded, dizzy and a bit nauseous.  I didn't know where else to look.  So I started to look for a worked to call security.

Then I heard over the intercom: Kelly please come to the jewelry counter.  I was near there and sprinted through the purses to find both kids behind the counter.  Christian was face was tear streaked, red faced and near hysterical.  Victoria was calmly talking with the employee.  We embraced and kissed and I was choked up saying thank you to the lady.  We had a long talk about what went wrong and how scared we all were.  

They've been glued to me ever since.  Very very scary.

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