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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I am seventeen and a half weeks pregnant.  This part of pregnancy is called the honeymoon stage.  Here are the things I'm enjoying about being pregnant:

* Maternity clothes - sooo much cuter than they were a few five years ago.
* Planning for this baby - nursery, teeny tiny jammies, bottles...
* Our totally awesome start of the art monitor - it deserves a post of its own.
* My hair growing so fast.
* My growing belly - I love it when it's covered up by a shirt or when I'm just looking down.  But bare and a full length mirror it's down right scary.
* My pregnancy t-shirts that say funny things - especially Mark's pregnancy shirt - it deserves a blog of it's own.
* The anticipation
* The constant wonder of the gender
* The names, each already sound so natural
* The thought of holding this little baby in my arms
* Anticipating The baby smell
* Victoria and Christian talking to the baby telling it how much they love it
* The family pictures Victoria makes at school and never forgets to include the baby in my belly.
* The Baby Pool

There are so many things to enjoy about being pregnant.

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