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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Can See You Baby #3

I am very blessed that my very good friend Molly is an ultrasound tech.  I really really appreciate that fact when I'm pregnant, of course.  She used to work at St. John's right down the street from us when I was pregnant with Victoria.  She would call on a Sunday morning and Mark and I would hop in the car and stay there watching our first child move all over.  When I was pregnant with Christian she worked at Woodwinds.  She did our real 20 week ultrasound with Christian.  It is extra special to share these milestone moments with a friend of over 15 years who is the Godmother to my children.

With Baby #3 we told her and Brian on a Tuesday and first thing Friday, she had me in to check the heartbeat. Then Baby #3 was a teeny tiny little baby blip.  I loved the blip, but it was just a blip.  We decided she'd do another one at around 16 weeks to check the gender.  In between week 6 and 12 we decided not to find out the gender, so there was no need to wait until week 16.

At just over 15 weeks I headed to Apple Valley for a very exciting ultrasound.  I wanted the kids to see it and I was thrilled when Liv said she'd like to go to.  We all headed over in rush hour after school.  It was completely totally worth it!!

This is my very favorite picture.  Baby #3 is waving to us.

The white line across the baby is Molly taking its measurement.
It measured to the day of it's due date.

See the whitish blob on top of the baby, but not by it's feet.
That's the placenta.
That explains why I could feel it kick so early.
It didn't have to kick over the placenta.
This is completely fine, but a bit unusual.
However, since then it must have shifted because I haven't felt it in quite a while.
Looking forward to it getting stronger so I can feel him all the time:-)

Head measurement.
Again, measured perfectly.

Heartbeat measurement.
It was in the 160's.
It was very active.

 I can't get enough of the little profile!

Measuring the heart beat.  The = sign is right on the teeny tiny baby heart.

3D of Baby #3.
Arms are up by its head. 
Chest is visible. 
If you're really good at looking at ultrasounds you can see the cord.
I promise, it's the cord and not a penis.
Actually Molly made that promise to me.
Good thing I trust her!

Another profile picture that I can't get enough of.

Here you can see the eye sockets, brain segments and stomach.
While there we got to see it waving its little fingers, moving all over and drinking amniotic fluid.

I truly could have sat there all day and just watched it.

Something very special I didn't realize was happening. 
(talk about being In the Moment!)
Liv was taking pictures throughout the experience.
I thought she just took a couple of the kids.

Fortunately, she captured the entire experience.

Victoria thought it was quite interesting and Molly does a great job including them
and answering all questions.  Christian was interested for about 62 seconds.

In reality, they were tired and we were all very thankful for the suckers!

At the end I asked them to hold my hands while Molly showed them one last time.
I didn't realize how precious it was until I saw this picture.

It was an emotionally charged hour.
It really made everything so very real.
Even though this is the third time I've been through this journey,
it was just as magical as the first time.
It was even more special having the kids be a special part of this journey.

Molly gave us a very generous box of baby goodies
and then (Liv had to go to work) we picked up Mark and took
Molly out to dinner.

It was a perfect evening.

I'm already looking forward to next time!!

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  1. It was an incredibly special day. I'm so thankful I could be a part of it.