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Sunday, November 4, 2012

20 Weeks or Half Way as They Say

Today I am twenty weeks pregnant.  Some might say I'm half way through this pregnancy that lasts forty weeks.  However, the first two weeks are prior to conception and then you don't even know you're pregnant for another month.  Therefore, you're six weeks or more when you just find out.  Plus the end of the pregnancy draaaaaaggggss on and on and on so I hate to call half way too early.  I'll consider it half way in another month.

Some fun facts about twenty weeks:

The baby is about 11 inches and 13 ounces and it can hear mom's heart beat and murmured sounds from the outside. The limbs can move and the mother is likely to feel the baby move, at this point.  The bones are getting stronger.  The internal organs are formed and beginning to perform their functions.  

My 20 week ultrasound is tomorrow.  Looking forward to seeing our little peanut!

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