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Thursday, November 8, 2012

34 Things I am Looking Forward to

Today is my birthday.  Today I am officially 34.  As I begin a fresh year of life here's a list of 34 things I'm looking forward to this year, in no particular order:

* Creating our family Christmas card
* Watching Victoria learn more and more in first grade
* Getting more and more comfortable teaching first grade
* Creating Christmas Magic around our home
* Finishing the Baby's Room
* Teaching Christian to write his entire name independently
* Going to Mexico
* Relaxing on the Playa del Carmen beach - pregnant!
* Planning for Baby's arrival
* Baby's water (hopefully) birth
* Traveling to Colorado this summer with three kids
* Christmas Break
* The surprises of Christmas morning
* Being home for the summer with our three children
* Alone tine with Mark in Mexico
* Receiving our new family pictures
* Losing the 'baby' weight
*Holding our little infant for the first time
* Watching Victoria and Christian love on Baby over and over again
* Finding out the gender of Baby
* Finding out which grade I'll be teaching next year
* Celebrating Christian's 5th birthday
* Celebrating Victoria's 7th birthday
* Celebrating John and Tegan's wedding in February
* Seeing Victoria and Christian walk down the aisle at Johnny's wedding
* Taking pictures of Grace and our Baby together
* Having a beer again
* Christian's preschool graduation
* Christian beginning kindergarten
* Victoria's first grade graduation
* Victoria beginning second grade
* Baby's Baptism
* Eating at Mosquito Blue
* Lazy summer days with my three children

It was an absolutely perfectly perfect birthday.  Looking forward to the year ahead!!

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