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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Kids Back on Tour!

I've been waiting for January 22 for a couple months.  The New Kids on the Block were announcing some big news.  Luckily they announced it on The View during the only time throughout the day I could actually have the TV on.

They are going on tour this summer and they're releasing a single next week and an album in April.

They were very quiet through 2012.  As I was hoping they would be while I grow this human being in my womb.  However, they're back in action in 2013.  I'm am beyond thrilled.  Not only are they performing in Minneapolis in July they are with my #2 band of all time 98 Degrees.  They performed with them this summer and I looked into going to Philadelphia even though I was pregnant.

Apparently it went well, because they're set to put on a major tour this summer.  It will start with Boys II Men, then 98 Degrees with NKOTB as the main act.

I am beyond thrilled.  I will have some major motivation to lose this baby weight this spring.

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