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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Look Who Turned 5

Since Christian turned 5 the day before having surgery I told him I would take him anywhere he wanted for lunch.  He asked if he could bring his BFF Rosie to lunch too.
He chose Dairy Queen, "Since Rosie LOVES ice cream," he explained.
These two are so darn cute together!

We had our usual birthday breakfast at McDonald's Playland too.

After Dairy Queen we headed over to Chuck E. Cheese.
We were pretty much the only people in the whole place.
They had a blast.
I sat back and watched how independent he was.
Explaining the different games to Rosie and only coming to me to show me his jackpot of tickets or to ask for more tokens.

There were several very serious games of air hockey.

During our trip I ended up feeling a lot of pressure and without too many details ended up having to cut our time short, bring them both back to their daycares and race myself to the clinic.

I felt so bad we got some cotton candy before heading out the door.

Looking back, neither knew I had cut the time short.
They look mighty happy:-)

After a three hour appointment we headed across town to Christian's favorite restaurant
(we were all about feeding him since he was pretty much on a popsicle diet for days) 
John and Tegan met us there.
Christian got his usual ice cream before the meal.
It's no wonder why it's his favorite!

Christian and his only 12 days away from being his Aunt Tegan.

Christian and his godfather Uncle John.
John and Tegan gave him a Mauer jersey and TWINS hat and a baseball book.
They are very thoughtful gift givers!
He LOVED it!!

Just loving life.

It was really really late and we still had to drop Victoria off at Grandma and Grandpa's for the night and get everything in order for his surgery the next day.
We grabbed all the gifts and headed over there.

Christian was so tired he put his pj's on before we left.
Victoria was reading him the card she picked out and wrote in 'all by myself!'

Whoops, family shot from Fuddruckers.

One more from Chuck E Cheese

We gave the poor kid rollerblades.
I don't know what I was thinking since he couldn't do any physical activities for three weeks.
What a mean mommy!
So we sent him back and forth across our small kitchen floor about a dozen times.
Then told him for three weeks, "Nope, sorry you can't use them."

A few days after his surgery we realized we never got a real cake.
So we put his 5 candle into a cupcake Aunt Molly brought over.

His birthday was, in no way is the way I would have planned it, 
but it was certainly memorable.

Hard to believe my baby is 5.

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