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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Every Day Life at Nine Months Pregnant

Tomorrow I will be 39 weeks pregnant.
That's more pregnant than I've ever been in my life.
Both Victoria and Christian were each eight days early.
That would be today for Baby.
Today was my official guess at the day I'd have Baby.

As this pregnancy winds down (I've been using that phrase for more than a month now)
I started taking pictures of every day life at 9 months pregnant.

Victoria wanted to get a turn in using the gigantic chalkboard too.
As Liv said, "I hope Baby's not to scale!"
I couldn't agree more.
However, each day it certainly gets closer and closer.

Victoria reading to Baby.
She lifts my shirt a bit and reads with her little mouth as close to Baby as possible.

Christian has been putting my socks on each morning for me for the last month or so.

He loves to feel Baby move.
I love how he places his little hands or lips or head on Baby.
He is going to be the Best Big Brother ever!
I hope and pray...

My view when I lay down on the couch.
That's a whole lot of flesh!
I sent this picture to my childhood friend in CA who's never 

I prefer this view:
Ooh la la....
A whole pan of freshly baked Rice Krispie treats.
No, I didn't eat the whole pan.

Receiving thoughtful gifts.
Beautiful swaddling blankets from Aunt Jane.

The joy of desserts.
Only Liv will know how happy this Dessert Trio really made me.

Lounging in the recliner after the kids go to bed.
Shots like that make me understand why people keep telling me how uncomfortable I look.

Last week.
Very very ready to pop.

Yet, here I am a whole week later.
I hope tomorrow is the last time I use that chalkboard for that purpose.

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  1. I love your views (thoughts and pics!) on your 3rd pregnancy as it comes to an end and a beautiful new beginning is so close you can touch it! Great pics, you look incredible, and you are leaving such amazing thoughts for you to look back on forever! Enjoy these days as you are soooooo close!!! :)