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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The End of Spring Break

Today marks the end of Spring Break.  I have to admit, when it began I thought the timing wasn't perfect.  I had only been home with Brecken for three days before both kids were to be home for a solid  10.  However, becoming a family of five has been so much smoother than I ever imagined and it actually makes me sad they have to go back to school.  They've been playing so nicely together and are so creative in keeping busy I just love it.  Not to mention the love they shower Brecken with.  It's been an absolutely fantastic week and a half.  This will be the last week Christian goes to daycare.  Beginning next week I will drop them both off at school and pick up Christian and on non school days he will stay home with Brecken and me.  I think it will be great for them to have some 'boy time' together.  Victoria is thrilled she gets to go to school today.  I love how much she loves school.  I must admit, not being there is difficult for me.  I'm used to knowing everything that's going on and I love that we're neighbors and I love that if I want to see her at lunch I can just hang out with me students an extra couple minutes and get a chance to chat with her.  However, 3:40 does come around awfully fast when I'm busy with a baby all day.  This is the beginning of our new normal for the next 10 weeks.

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