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Friday, May 31, 2013

Christian's Preschool Graduation

Last Wednesday Christian graduated from preschool.  I'm not sure there's much cuter in the world than a preschool graduation.  The shy smiles.  The tiny cap and gowns.  
The tears from every adult in the room.  Simply adorable.

They sang some songs.  This is Christian's favorite: I Want to Be a Sheep.  
They put up little horns and say Baa Baa Baa.

Ms. Joy put together a nice slideshow and even sent home a copy for each family.
(I've done this for years for my classes so I really appreciated it!!)

This is just about enough to make me cry.
Not only has Christian gone there for the past two years, but Victoria went there the two before.
Four years of getting to know these ladies.
On the bright side, only three more until Brecken goes there:-)

Christian receiving his diploma.
Ms. Joy actually turned toward us for the perfect photo op just for the Humphreys.
There's a chance the teachers sitting on the floor in the background are laughing at me.
Just a small chance....
Maybe since we arrived 35 minutes early to ensure front row only to see my parents already in front row waiting for us.
We're serious about these special events!

They had a photo room set up.
Right up my alley!!

See?!  Tiny cap and gown!

These two cuties!
It seems like yesterday we were there for her.

Our family of FIVE!
(I still love saying that!)

Mama Jeanne and the Proud Graduate!

Papa and Mama and the Proud Graduate

Big and Baby Brother.
(Good grief, Brecky looks huge there!)

Mark my words....
This photo will be poster size at his high school graduation party. 
And I bet I will wish for these days back with tears in my eyes.

Mommy and my super cute graduate!

Love love this picture!

Christian and his BFF Rosie.
They went to preschool together for the two years.
Rosie is going to a different district next year.
Therefore, this is an end of an era.
(I've always loved that phrase...but it's so true.)

Burnsie and me with our cutie pies!

Gotta LOVE grandparents who just grab a baby and don't let go:-)
Who can blame her?
Thank you Mama Jeanne!!

Can you tell that's Rosie's brother?

Classic 5 year old shot.
All dressed up in his little suit...
with chocolate all over his face.
I didn't even remind him to use a napkin.
If you can't have chocolate on your face at your preschool graduation,
when can you?!

Can you feel the love?

Christian and his teacher Ms. Joy.
That is so darn sweet!!

Victoria speaking with a previous preschool para who she just loved.
These teachers have a way of making these kids feel like they're made of gold.

That means....
He's Off to Kindergarten!!

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  1. Wow, C is in kindergarten. That is....unbelievable.