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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Victoria's REAL Birthday

Victoria's real birthday was Sunday, April 14th.
She woke to the kitchen decorated by the Birthday Bird and gifts in the living room.
All of her cards had animals dressed up for a birthday party.  Such a hamster wearing a party hat.
I picked those cards because she LOVES any and all animals and I was right.  She cracked up over each and every one of them.

We headed to her favorite spot for lunch:
Rainforest Cafe at Mall of America.
She got the best seat in the house, right next to a gorgeous aquarium and we all shared a HUGE dessert after half a dozen waiters sang Happy Birthday to her.
She loved every second of it!!

Throwing coins in and making a wish.

Showing some Birthday Attitude while waiting to get back on the swings at 
Nickolodeon Universe.

After everything we told the kids we were heading home, but really we headed over to the hermit crab kiosk.  Victoria had been asking for a hermit crab for a looong time now.  She received one for her 2nd birthday when I was on maternity leave with Christian, so I thought it was only fitting to get her another one while on maternity leave with Brecken.  She was so happy when she realized what was happening, but then poor Christian said, "WHAT?!  She gets a crab!!!!???" and proceeded to bawl hysterically.
Typically, crying doesn't get you anywhere with me, but I really did feel for him since the entire week was All About Victoria.

So, they both got a crab.
And they were both thrilled.

Dear Victoria,
Today you turned seven years old.
Parents always say I can't believe you're ____ old already.
However, I can believe you're seven because you act as if you're easily ten years old.
You are very mature.  Your vocabulary is amazing.  People often tell us how smart you are and how you have such nice manners.  This year you and I are both in first grade.  I have so loved experiencing it right along side of you.  I've loved getting to  know your classmates and your curriculum but I've really loved getting to know that side of you.  I love to spot you washing your hands at the bathroom and I stop to say hi and you immediately start in with a story that usually starts with, "Mom, guess what!"  You are such a social butterfly and are well liked by all your classmates.
You have loved first grade this year.  You especially love your teacher Mrs. Elias.  
I must admit, I think she loves you too;-)  
You continue to have a love for animals.  You love to catch bugs, dig for worms and you love to care for your hermit crab.  You true love in life is your stuffies.  You have over 140.  You count them often. Each has a name.  Each has a special spot in your room.  You call them your children and you love all of them.  It's so cute.  
We continue to enjoy G.N.O.s together.  I love that you love to spend time with me, because I sure love to spend time with you.  You and I could spend all night in a book store together!
I couldn't dream of a more well rounded and simply adorable daughter than you.  
Love you to pieces my sweet angel,

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