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Thursday, June 6, 2013

I'll Give You an 8.5

Yesterday Brecken was awake much more than usual and ate much more than usual, I'm sure to make up for eating less the night before.  He was also happy just to hang out.  Him and Christian played tummy time for nearly half an hour.  He hung out in his swing and bouncer.  He cuddled with me smiling up at me.

He began to get fussy at Christian's t-ball game so Victoria, Brecken and I left early (plus it was 57 degrees and sprinkling).  I gave him his usual bath and nursed him and he fell asleep at 8:40.  I laid him down and within minutes he was screaming.  Not an I can't fall asleep or a I want my mommy to hold me cry but a Something is wrong - Come get me scream.  Mark went and got him and I nursed him again.  He fell right to sleep.  I was wondering if the previous night had been a fluke.  I laid him back down just before 9:00.  This time he was completely peaceful.  He slept without making a sound until 5:30am!!  

That's eight and a half hours of straight sleep!

I slept more than 6 straight.  He was really hungry this morning, ate a good breakfast and feel right back to sleep.  I think he's trying to win the Best Baby of 2013 award!

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