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Monday, June 3, 2013

Where's My Stuff

How would you feel if you left for work today and while you were gone someone entered your space and threw out a substantial amount of your stuff then rearranged what was left?

Well, that's exactly what happened to Victoria today.  She is a classic little seven year old hoarder.  A rock.  Keep it!  A sticker.  Gotta have it!  A plastic ring.  A treasure!  A plastic frog.  A happiness!  140+ stuffies.  GOLD!

She can't throw a thing out.  Not a single thing!  Not. a. single. thing.

Her little room was so cluttered walking was tricky.  She had her stuffies lined up around the perimeter and she thought her room looked great.  We had Girls Night Out last week and bought her a bunch of new 'big kid' books so I wanted to go through her books and reorganize them for her.  While I was at it I cleared of the shelves and dusted and one pile turned into a bag full of excess turned into two bags turned into a completely cleaned and organized room.  I cleaned her hermit crabs cage.  I taped a few new pictures near her little headboard.  I moved the clock so she can see it better.  I kept a good amount of her little goodies in ONE gallon ziploc bag.  My idea was then she could keep the bag in the car and those little things would provide her endless amounts of entertainment in the car this summer.

I was so excited to pick her up this afternoon, but I was a bit nervous too because I didn't want her to be sad so much was gone.  I pumped her up about a surprised on the way home.  We started walking down the steps to the basement and she said, "Let me guess...You cleaned the basement."  She rounded the corner, nope!  She walked into her room and said, "Oh my gosh Mommy! I love it!  Oh look how clean everything is!  LOOK AT MY TURTLES!!  I love it!!!"  Then a slight hesitation..... "But, where's all my stuff."  "That's the exciting part," I said.  I pulled out the shoe box with Victoria's Special Treasures written on it all fancily and she opened it to find many many many treasures in that bag.

In the end she was thrilled and we spend almost an hour looking at her new books.  She read a 4th grade story to me tonight and talked about if she pushes herself to read more difficult books this summer she will be invited to Bookworms again in 2nd grade.

In the end she is thrilled with the results.

Now Christian wants me to 'do' his room too.  Bet, he doesn't know what he's asking for!

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  1. Whew! I was a little nervous about her reaction. Glad it went well. Just remember this when she cleans herself and accidentally throws out something you your Jordan doll or a poster or, God Forbid, the hat.