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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sleep Little Baby Sleep

I take a picture of Brecken sleeping almost every single day.  
I really don't know what's sweeter than a sleeping baby.
Here are just a few...

Fell sleep watching me watch him on the couch.

On a late night Target run.
If you've seen us out and about this is how he usually looks.
His carrier and the cover make him instantly fall asleep.
A Mommy's dream!

Had to throw one in of my Big Boy who still falls asleep in the car.

He was about a month old here.
Back when it seemed he was narcoleptic;-)

Of course he loves to cuddle with Mommy and Mommy loves to look at his adorable little face while he sleeps.  I wish my mind was a video recored so I'd never forget a second of this precious time in our lives.

I love when his bottom lip quivers when he's sleeping.
And when his mouth drops right open.
And when he has a hold of my shirt and doesn't want to let go.
And when he startles when I move.
And when he stays asleep for eight hours when I lay him down;-)

My All Time Favorite sleeping picture (so far).
He was cuddling me on the couch and his little hand went up to his face.  
I love his nearly bald head.
His milky white skin.
His tiny little fingers.
His barely there lashes.

Love love love that boy of mine!

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