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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Last Night at the Metro Dome

Molly and Brian invited us to a Vikings game a couple weeks ago.
We went with them a couple years ago and Molly and I talked through the entire thing.
This year was no different.
Some of my friends were there also and the next day someone said something about the game and I asked a question and he said, "Did you go to the game?  How did you miss that?" 
I only went to the game so I could hang out with Molly.
While there, I learned the Metro Dome is going to be torn down after this year. 
I had no idea.
I have so many memories there from when I was a kid.
Many many TWINS games.

That night might be the very last time I will ever be in there.
Glad it was with Molly and Brian.


  1. OMG, I'm so sorry, did you have to go out and buy a new Vikings shirt since I still have your old one?

  2. Um, why the hell do you have a Vikings shirt of mine? I found this one deep down in the bottom of a drawer and had to use two hands to stretch the hell out of it to get it to fit. It said Favre on the back. How embarrassing!