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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Many Birthday Celebrations

We started celebrating Mark's birthday a few weeks ago.
I had a limo surprise him.
We let the kids take a ride from our house to Mama & Papa's.
They loved it.

Then we picked up Molly and Brian and Mark's brother's and spouses.
Our first stop was Admiral D's.

This was outside of Manitou Station.

As if six hours weren't enough, we added another two hours on at midnight.
We danced at P.D. Pappy's.
He was very surprised and very happy.
It was a great time.

It's nice to see him enjoying time with is brothers. :D

We started a tradition last year of going to a TWINS game for his birthday.
We went last night and had a blast. (More on that later)

It was so cute listening to Mark teach Christian about baseball.

Tonight we surprised him with a DQ cake and some gifts.
(The great idea I had for his birthday fell threw so now it will be a Christmas gift.)

Brecken's first time celebrating Daddy's birthday.
We actually did the candles before dinner so Brecken could be in the pictures because he goes to bed at 6:00.

The kids were so excited to celebrate their Daddy.
Look at their faces!

That may seem like a lot of celebrating but really he deserves a month of celebration.
I'm lucky to be celebrating his birthday for the 13th time with him.
We've been together 1/3 of his life now 
and it really gets better every year.

Happy Birthday Honey.
Love you bunches and bunches,

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  1. Happy Birthday Mark! Sounds like a fantastic few ways to celebrate. I LOVE the pic of Mark and C at the Twins game, so cute! And the one of him and the kids by the cake is darling, B looks a little concerned about that pointy hat on his head!