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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bonus Day #3

I cannot believe it.  School is canceled again.  I went to sleep really early last night to be woken just after 9:00 by Mark saying: "It's closed!  White Bear closed again!"  I told him to bring my phone and I had 9 texts.  Everyone is really excited.  Everyone except Victoria, that is.  She had gym today.

We will go to Chuck E Cheese today - a promise I will keep when yesterday I thought Bonus Day #3 was just in my dreams.  And I will shop for the food for Christian's birthday party.  And organize the house in preparation for the party.  I will read extra with Christian.  I will smother Brecken in 1,000 more kisses than I would have if I had to go to school.  I will listen to Victoria read some facts out of one of the many books she's reading right now.

I love Bonus Days!


  1. Can you believe it? I am at work today! Lucky, lucky me.

    Hope you're having a fun bonus day. Also, assuming your baseline was zero, you need to kiss B every 1.4 minutes in order to make your quota for the day. But if your baseline was say 100 kisses in a normal day, then you need to kiss him every 1.3 minutes. Just to make sure you're keeping up....

  2. I am shocked Globe didn't close! ;-) I kiss Brecken about 30 times a minute while he's awake. Therefore I will in no was mis my quota! He's quite kissable!!