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Monday, February 10, 2014

You're Growing Too Fast!

Dear Brecken,
Someone asked me today if I was planning on having another baby.  I quickly answered NO!  I don’t want another baby.  What I really really want is to live through this first year of your life all over again.  I would say this first year of your life has been my most favorite year of my life.  We had a rough start and many appointments over the summer that were scary and stressful.  Maybe that’s what makes me appreciate you so much more.  You are my extra.  My "thank you so much God for giving us this wonderful baby", baby.  You made our family perfectly perfect and complete.  Just about every day I think of where I was last year at this time.  Patiently rubbing my belly wondering if you were a girl or a boy.  The excitement of wondering what your birthday would be.  Wondering how your sister and brother would adjust when you were finally home. 
When my friends become new moms I always tell them that first year goes so fast.  Write everything down.  Take tons of pictures.  Take video.  Next thing you know, he’ll be one!  It is so true and I’m eating my words.  I did take a ton of pictures,  but not enough video and didn’t keep even close to enough notes about your monthly development.  You grew so fast.  You’re wearing size 18 month clothes. You can take up to six steps at a time.  You are one huge baby laying half on half off of my lap when I give you a bottle before bed. Your brother and sister didn’t take a bottle at this age.  However, I want you to love your bottle.  The thought of not having that time together at the end of the day just about breaks my heart.  Your bottle is the only thing that gets you to hold still long enough to smell your hair and touch your super soft cheeks and rub your belly.    I’m going to keep you a baby at least until your first birthday.  

Love, Mommy

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