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Friday, February 14, 2014

My Favorite Day

Everyone knows today, is my favorite day.

Valentine's Day.

I love this day because I love to give when it's not expected!

Mark and I decorated the kitchen last night for the kids.  He blew up huge red balloons and I wrote different things on them such as: My First Valentine and hung it above B's high chair.  And Love in fancy cursive.  And We Love You! And Victoria, Christian & Brecken.  Nothing fancy but they LOVED it this morning.  There was a gift for each of them (ok, there actually wasn't one for the baby but nobody seemed to notice).  Mark created his own little thing after I went to sleep with 9 (yrs we are married) helium balloons and my favorite candy and a fancy card.  Everything had been hidden in the garage.

I plan for Valentine's Day literally months in advance.

Cards.  Photos.  Personalized gifts. I. Love. It. All.

However, somehow I forgot to buy my sweet husband a gift.  I went out last night, on Valentine's Eve which I used to shake my head at him doing.  I did find him a couple nice things.

I got home at 7:00 and pulled each kid away from story time with him to sign his card.
Then he went to tuck them in and I sat on the bed writing in his card and I actually thought of signing the card, "Your Busy Wife." Because that's how I felt.  Somedays I can't do enough.  And that was one of them.  I didn't sign it like that.  He deserves more time than anyone else and I need to recognize that. (But in reality he didn't get it.  Lesson for next year.)

Here's how today went down in no particular order:  that keeps things interesting!

Victoria - yesterday- at her Vday party.  It was yesterday because today was added as a teaching day due to our "Bonus Days" that I'd like to retract!
Her super cute WBL box!
I always have my students make them at school (aka Best Day of the Year!!)
but her teacher had them do it at home which was also super cool.
Aka - Momma got to do it twice!

Mark being the Mystery Reading in kindergarten.
Except for the small fact that his teacher signed him up for reading at free time.
Even Christian was disappointed.

My Little Valentine on His First Valentine
This is his last first people! 
(Except for Presidents' Day - which I will turn into a big deal since he is exactly 11 months that day!)
Of course I HAD to cover that sweet little thing in kisses.
My vision and these pics didn't match.
But it was 7am.
So good is good.
Love is love.
Believe me.
He felt it!

The big kids wanted lipstick kisses too, but I thought they were a bit too old!

Turns out I love this one the most.
We put him back in there to reset the photo shoot but I like this one the best!
Kinda like, Yep, I can't even get outta my crib without her kisses!

I (and yesterday's Mystery Reader - aka Mark) really decorated my classroom.
Streamers, rose petals all, over signs, it was super cute.  
They loved every bit of it.
I had something special for each subject planned.
During the very first subject one of my very favorite 
former students brought in a bouquet of roses from Mark.

She said, "I bet they're from you husband.  But, you better open the card."
From the mouth of a 5th grader from a divorced family.
I opened the card in front of her and said, "Yep, it's from him!"
She said, "That's great! (relieved?) The rose petals are a nice touch. 
Have a great favorite day of the year!"
And she walked out.
She remembered it was my favorite day of the year.
That's a gift in it's self!

My Favorite Mystery Reader stopped in at 9:30.
She's been a Mystery Readers since she was two years old.
In that same chair.
Today I sat there watching her read a book she had never read before.
(Yes, I was unprepared.  She knew she was going to be a Mystery Reader today but we forget to choose a book.  So I texted our fantastic daycare lady to have her call me.  I told her I'd put a bunch of new Vday books on her desk and she could choose one and show up at 9:30).
I figured she'd pick one and read it in advance, but I knew she didn't because she'd turn the page and gasp or laugh.  She's such a good reader, she totally pulled it off without a hitch.
My students only talked about what a great reader 
she was and good readers read and they should read more.  
My words, coming out of their mouths.
A gift.

One of my student's mom's popped in.
She doesn't know english and I know about 1% spanish which equals a language barrier.
We encounter each other every single morning but we can get through it.
Today was different.
She was carrying a large box.
She went to hand it to me and looked right into my eyes and the only words I understood were no students but familia.

She wanted this for my family.  Not my students.
I got a scissors and opened the box and it was a GORGEOUS cake.
Huge gorgeous cake that said Happy Valentine's Day.
(She works at a bakery.)
She looked at me and spoke several paragraphs in spanish and I literally didn't even recognize one word she said.  But the way she looked into my eyes saying it at tears dwelled in her eyes I knew what she was saying.
Thank you.
I just nodded and tears came to my eyes and I touched her arm and she hugged me.
It was amazing.
A gift.

My Favorite Day didn't disappoint.
It was more than I could have imagined.

I just realized I didn't mention my Secret Valentine all week.
I was Laura's and I bought every Minnie or Mickey Mouse (she went to Disney this fall) I could find.
Then I topped off the finale with a whole cake.
I have to say I was a Rock Star Secret Valentine and I kinda think she thought it was me;-)

My valentine certainly knew me.
Oreos in a cute heart bucket.
Then Midnight Hersheys (who knows those are my fave?)
Next, I got Arby and Horsey sauce. Seriously, who knows I'm obsessed with that?
I thought Laura was feeding someone info! 
Today was NKOTB wine charms from etsy!
It was Laura.
We had each other!!
Cutest thing ever!!

Our VDay plans fell through tonight.  I'm just was happy relaxing and blogging about it.

This makes me want to blog about that Valentine's Day out at restaurants and having horror stories.
Maybe next year.

For now,  let's love the Pandora Valentine channel and keep the Best Valentine's Day Ever alive!

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  1. Weirdly, when I talked to you about 30 seconds before this was posted, you told me NONE of these adorable things. Sounds like a great Vday for you.