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Friday, April 11, 2014

The Annual Daddy Daughter Dance

Few things warm my heart like the Daddy Daughter Dance.  
What little girl wouldn't LOVE to get dressed up and be taken to a 
fancy date by the man in her life - Daddy?
We raced out of school to get home to start getting ready as soon as possible.
Really, it takes Victoria about 10 minutes to transform from a gym clothes wearing second grader to looking this adorable.
Gosh, sometimes she stops me in my tracks just looking at her.
She's so beautiful, inside and out.
I am so lucky to be her mommy.

While we were waiting for Daddy to finish getting ready we headed outside for some pictures. 

Our little dude was running all over the yard.

Uncle Guy and Emilee arrived.
When I was taking these pictures I had tears in my eyes.
It seems like just the other day (ok - not really just the other day but not nearly 30 years ago)
that Chrissy and I were in our Easter dresses posing in Grandma's yard.  
Gosh, I'd love to get my hands on one of those pictures!

 They are just adorable!

This little guy kept photobombing and I didn't mind one bit:-)

Daddy with his little girl!

Guy with his little girl.

Two proud daddies.

I don't have my good camera out often enough.
So I chased him around.
This kid is so damn cute it's ridiculous!

He's sporting his new shoes.
He's gone up a size each month for the last few.
Size SEVEN on a one year old!!
If it's like the paws of a puppy, he may be the biggest Humphrey yet!

Hard to believe this little girl was our baby toddling around this same yard...
now she's nearly 8!

During all the fanciness, these two were cruising around.

Having a ball!

One last look at these little ladies before they headed to Olive Garden for a fancy dinner.

Why not run down a driveway sucking on his thumb?

Pretty sure he's thinking, "Catch me if you can!"

What a wonderful night it was!!

**A text just came in - Victoria won the Hula Hoop contest.
Considering she tried to convince me to let her wear pants so she could hula hoop better
this is biiiiig news!
This night just keeps getting better!

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