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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How Times Change

My how times change.....

13 years ago tonight it was a Sunday.  I was out and about with my college roommate.  Way too late.

Good thing we were though.  I met my husband.  That night we were pretty much care free.

Tonight we are tired parents of three, including a sick baby.  (Yes, he's a baby when he's sick.)

Instead of uploading the 13 year old pic of us I had planned,  I've been worried about getting a sub for tomorrow.  Worrying about trying to get everything done for conferences with missing the day before conferences begin.

However, when I picked Brecken up from daycare and his nose was running and he was hacking with his head on Kris' shoulder I felt embarrassing guilt.  He shouldn't have gone today.  Tonight, he's even worse.  He needs to be home tomorrow with his mommy.

I know I will get everything done for school, one way or another.

It is amazing what a difference 13 years makes.  I wouldn't change a thing.

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