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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Way to Go Lil' Bro!

Yesterday we celebrate Marissa's 9th birthday so I spent several hours with my brother.
We spoke a lot about his training and preparing for the Iron Man, which was held today.
I've known my brother every minute of his life and up until the last year or two it would have been unheard of, that he'd even try something like the Iron Man.

The Iron Man consists of 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run.
Yes, a freaking half MARATHON at the end!

He has put it tons of hours of training, serious dedication & lots of money, all for today.
Since he's never done this before and there's so much that can wrong he had just a guess with an hour range of when he thought he'd come in.  We were at the finish line with my dad waiting…..
And waiting…..

Brecken was practice cheering here. 

Even cheering for the strangers running past, I was choked up.
Everyone looked just exhausted and I can only imagine what they put their 
body and mind through today.

Sure enough Mark said, "Look!!  There he is!!"
And here he is…
Coming up on the finish line!!!!

He came over and slapped all our hands as he ran past.
It was so emotional!

I had no idea what he'd look like or how he'd feel.
But apparently he was so happy and relieved he seemed completely fine.

His buddies he trained with.

My kids were SO excited to see him!!!

Brecken wanted to run around and around and around.
Wayne put his medal on him and he felt like a million bucks:-)

Unfortunately, Cassie and the girls came a few minutes too late and missed him crossing.
But they all look cute together!

What an amazing day!
So grateful the weather was cool for him and so PROUD of all of his hard work and his 
amazing accomplishment!

Way to go Lil' Bro!!

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