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Friday, August 1, 2014

Birthday Books

When Victoria was a baby I would take my digital camera to Sam's Club several times a month and plug in the little card.  I would then stand there and edit and print pictures for us and for everyone else who may ever want one.  We have TONS of albums full.  When the photo dude Doua still sees me, he calls me by name.  I was there a lot and spent a ton of money.  But it was totally worth it.  I didn't want to forget a thing.

Then digital scrapbooking started getting much more popular and easier to do.  When V was about 3 or 4 I started making Birthday Books.  I would make a large digital album that included main events and tons of photos from the day after the birthday and ended with the latest bday.  One full year.  I did this each and every year.  I love them.  I spend tons of time on each.  Since I hardly print any pictures any more, these books are really important to me to capture that year for each child.  Each book ends with a letter from me.

It was amazing the first time Victoria cared that one arrived.  For several years she didn't really care, although she did like to look at it.  But it didn't really have meaning until she was six.  I usually have the book pretty much done and am waiting for their birthday party.  After that happens I add those pics and order it up.

And then I had a third child.  I started Christian's book a couple weeks before he turned six.  And then I didn't look at it until three weeks ago.  It arrived today.  V & C were both excited to see it.  As I read the text aloud I cried.  Even though I was the author, the emotion shown through, even to myself.  Christian said several times, "I love this book, Mommy."

I need to start and finish Brecken's very first one, OMG, can you imagine how loooong that will be?  And I need to do Victoria's 8th.


Good thing I enjoy it!!

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