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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Another Day of All Days

My day started out with a pap smear.  Yes, I really did just type that.  Apparently this blog has become my best friend because I am too tired to actually speak to anyone after bedtime.

While in line waiting to check in at the doctor's office I got a call from our daycare mom.  (I stayed home with both big kids yesterday as they were laid out for a good portion of the day.)  I spoke to crying Christian who genuinely wasn't feeling good and is afraid of throwing up at school.  #arentweall

I told her I was at the doctor's and he needed to get on the bus and I'd check on him when he got to school.

I was already nervous about my appointment because we needed to discuss my recurring problem with my pelvis since Brecken's birth.  Ultimately, I have several appointments set up to hopefully deal with this problem.

Coming into school eleven minutes before the students and having a substitute yesterday is pretty much a nightmare.  Sure enough C is crying at school.  I hugged him and said he needs to get through the day.  I sat down to eat my breakfast at lunchtime only to be told by a para that Christian "has been a mess all morning."  I headed down to the room.  I let him eat lunch in my room trying to get his mind off of it.  He barely had three bites.  He laid his head down on the table instead of going to recess.  If you know Christian you must be thinking, "Man!  He must be sick!!"  I was helping students and I glanced over to him and actually wondered if was sleeping.  I forced him to go to music and gym.  Our awesome gym teacher even sent me videos of him throwing the frisbee.  Made my day!

Thank goodness it was my day for the one hour prep.  During that time I called two moms, emailed a dad and got a voicemail from ECFE about Brecken's speech.  I took a breath and called back.  We have a home visit scheduled for Friday morning at 8am.

Another day late to school….but besides that I am sooo nervous to find out if he does qualify for services.  After all the years of referring kids to speech myself.  It might end up being our family in speech.  All I want is for him to get the help he needs…if he needs it.

After school we swung by the high school soccer game.  One large grassy field (next to the actual soccer field of course) and three small children to run run run.  We finally got home and then I realized the kids had major homework.  We tackled it all.  We got our reading in.  Everybody is sleeping and hopefully I will be too soon….

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  1. YIKES, we really need to sit down and talk one of these days. I had no idea so much was going on with you. Sending you lots and lots of love.