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Monday, September 22, 2014

Appointments and Issues

Victoria has had a loose tooth since May.  It was right next to the bottom ones that were pulled two summers ago.  Over the weekend I saw the bottom of the tooth (which should have been dissolved if the adult tooth actually came up under it) was actually poking out of the gum.  Once again the adult tooth came in way behind it.  I called her dentist this morning on the way to school.  They were able to get us in at 11:30.  Another teacher covered my class for ten minutes and took them to lunch for me so I could get her there.  We were in and out in just 16 minutes.  It's finally out and we're all so happy the Tooth Fairy will be stopping at our house again tonight.

Christian cried when I dropped him off at daycare this morning, which continued on the bus and at school.  I don't know what is going on with this recent bout of anxiety he's having.  I've been trying different things for him.  I thought we were getting a handle on it but today was not a great day.

This morning I received a very rude note from a mom.  This is the same mom who left me a voice mail last week threatening to call the "head of the district" because I didn't let her daughter see the nurse for a sore throat.  For the record, the student didn't tell me her throat hurt.  I talked it out with the mom last week so I was so surprised to receive this note this morning.  I sent a note home to all NINE students who didn't do there homework last Wednesday.  The mom wrote on it that she doesn't like me "nit picking" her daughter and threatening her with punishments.  I called the mom again.  After speaking with her it sounds like the daughter is making things up to her mom and it's working.  We're all meeting before school on Wednesday.  A rude note/voice mail from a parent is just about the worst way to start your day.

I spent about an hour correcting tonight, the entire time V was working on her homework.  Thank goodness she doesn't mind.  C got to play catch while we were working.  At bedtime V and I took a walk up to the park.  Hand in hand I got to hear details about what she did at recess.  It was the highlight of my day.

Tomorrow morning is our Home Visit from the speech pathologist.  I really want the answers about Brecken's speech.  I'm hoping tomorrow is beneficial.  I have someone covering for me for the very beginning of the day.  Again, I will start the day totally flustered and behind the eight ball.

I signed up for two more three credit classes tonight.  Thinking about that now after typing all about my crazy life, sure seems crazy.

The doctor's office called to rescheduled Brecken's 18 month appointment for next week.  That's frustrating because I make appointments out as far as possible to I can get the first appt of the day since he goes to bed so early.  Looking forward to rescheduling that in the morning:/

Our PTO Meeting is rescheduled from tomorrow to next Tuesday.  We now need to hire a sitter for me to go to those meetings because Christian is officially a Tiger Cub and has meetings every Tuesday night.  I started texting the sitter to cancel this morning but at the time I could barely breath I was so overwhelmed so I am keeping her.  I'm going to run errands and maybe (HOPEFULLY) get my nails done.

I have put off my own physical therapy until next month.  Because…well…see above.

I wonder if one day, I will reread this and think, Huh I thought I was busy then!  That was nothing! or if I'll think, Man, that was a crazy time!  

I think I'll watch some 19 and Counting to make myself feel better.


  1. No...that's pretty busy, no doubt. I would say it made me happy to see you blogged (and it did) but this isn't really a post to be happy over, so I'll just say, we should have a sleepover in October. And leave it at that.