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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Highlights of My Day

Highlights of my day:

I received a text from my grandparent volunteer that said, "The way you juggle 24 kids amazes me." :-)

Received a beautiful card from my friend Shauna!  Thanks G!

Christian loved playing Sight Words Zingo and actually said, "Reading is so much fun!"

Christian also told me this story, "Mrs. E was staring at her computer, so I knew she wouldn't notice.  (I was holding my breath at this point.)  I leaned over and told (somebody) Isn't she the best teacher in the whole wide world?  So at break we made her a note that told her that, but we had to tell her what it said 'cuz we're actually not that good of writers yet."  Yep, direct quote.  Adorable.

Victoria asked me to cuddle with her.  I did and sang the songs I sing to my babies, she hasn't heard me sing them with her name in quite a while.  She whispered, "You have the most beautiful singing voice.  It's my most favorite thing."

Got to talk to Liv for almost an hour on the phone tonight.  She's somebody I can just say anything to.  It felt so good.

The first 24 of 48 hours of my preparation for my pelvis appointment is complete.

It's not even 10:00 and I'm already in bed.

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  1. You blogged this AFTER we talked? You were in bed in your underwear for Pete's sake!