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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Good-Bye September: Going out in style

This morning we had Brecken's 18 month wellness appointment.  These days, every appointment has me pretty nervous.  This one went very well.  Brecken was pointing and trying to say several words and was able to pay attention to a task much much better than he has in about two months.  It was really really great to see.  Our pediatrician is amazing and spent a lot of time going over everything with me.  He tried to reassure me everything is going to be fine.  I feel like everyone just says that, so I took it with a grain of salt, however it still felt really good coming from him.

I had an absolutely great day teaching.  I can feel October is just a few hours away, because my is starting to come together.  I'm getting to know them.  Learning about their likes.  Their families, siblings, pets.  How they cope with stress.  How much effort each one puts in.

I was feeling so good about my day….then I sat down at the computer with just a few minutes left before the end of the day….my students were picking up the room. . .

I had several emails about Christian - a couple from his teacher and one from the nurse.

His ear hurts.  Bad.

I walked out with the students and off to Minute Clinic.  Which, btw, is a totally amazing invention.  It's so convenient and wonderful in a pinch.  Mark picked up Brecken so we could get to M.C. asap.  We walked fast from car right in and good thing we did, because seconds after we checked in a slew of school age kids were lined up to get checked out.

Sure enough C's eardrum is bulging.  He sat in a cart while we waited for his prescription.  V was checked for strep because her throat has been super swollen for a couple days now.

In the end, all three kids happen to get their flu shots today.  We'll call that a Silver Lining.

I'm looking forward to October tomorrow.  September was harder than the usual hardness of my most dreaded month of the year.

See ya September.   Hello October!

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  1. Probably for different reasons, but I am also glad it is October. And I love the month of October. It just makes me happy all around.