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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Our New Home

Our New House
Our current home, The Maplewood house, has been on the market since mid-November.  Yesterday we had our 30th showing.  Not a single bite.
We took a huge leap and bought another house without selling ours.
If we still own it in a couple months, we will take down the For Sale Sign and look for renters.

Mark and I first saw our "new house" back in November.
Just a couple weeks ago we got to go back in it for the inspection and we were able to take the kids with us.  Since we've lived just four miles from school this new commute is something we will have to get used to.
It seems Victoria won't mind much.

Pulling up!

The second before they walked into their new house for the very first time!

Wait, what?  You don't like the GREEN toilet?
Let's just say there will be a lot of updating in our new home!

Loving all of the space to run, dance and slide across the floor.

The lake across the street from the front.

Our huge dated kitchen.  I see more cooking in my future!

Brecken's new room!

The blue bathroom.
I'm sure this bathroom was amazing in '78.

One of my most favorite things about this house is the deck that not only wraps around two sides of the house but bumps out in the corner for the table and chairs.

You walk through a small forest in the backyard and you're at the pond.
The sun was setting as Mark and I stood there hugging talking about how amazing this is!

Our first selfie at our new home.
After spending a few hours there we went out to eat (just the two of us - my parents took our kids back to our house) and gushed on and on about how we've never felt happier and how this is truly a dream of ours.  

I hope we never forget the happiness we felt this day.
I hope this home holds as many wonderful memories as our current home does….if not more!

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