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Monday, April 27, 2015

New Jeans I Found on a Blog

I follow a couple blogs.  Last week I checked in on one that I enjoy, however she doesn't post often.  Before I even finished reading it  I ordered the jeans she promised me I'd love.  Now, I haven't bought new jeans in a looong time.  Like nearly two years.  I need new jeans.  Bad.  So I ordered them.  They were only $40 and since I was a first time buyer I got them for $23.  Shocking.
I've never ordered any type of pants on line - ever - let alone jeans.  A little while after I checked out I was already having buyer's remorse knowing I was not going to hall them to the mall to get my money back.

The package was on the counter when I walked in this afternoon.

I slipped into the bedroom to try them on and low and behold I LOVE them!  Quite possibly the best jeans I have ever owned.  I am beyond thrilled.  I would pay $5 to be able to wear jeans to school tomorrow!

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