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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Happy Birthday Christian

Dear Christian,
    Here it is: Your Eighth Birthday.  Every mom says, "Where does the time go?"  So here I am shaking my head looking at this adorable picture of you on your first birthday with a lump in my throat.  

You were allergic to eggs then and I had them do a triple layer of frosting on your cake so you wouldn't actually get to the cake part.  You are no longer allergic to eggs, you just don't like them now.  However, that's about the only thing you don't like to eat.  You've gotten to be a much healthier and less messy eater in the last year.  Your growing body is showing you're finally eating all of your healthy vegetables!  You've grown so much in the last year your little ankles were peeking out of all of your pants.  You only like to wear activity pants.  Which makes perfect sense because you are active!  You're running, jumping, climbing or sliding across the floor at all times.  The worn out right knee in all your pants is proof of all of your sliding.  Even though you're very active and continue to amaze us with your athleticism, what really amazes me about you, this year especially is your abilities as school.  We are blessed to be in the same grade this year.  We share the same "friends."  Some of my students were in your class in pre-school with Ms. Joy.  It's a fun connection to have.  Talk about connections, you and I have many similar experiences each day so it's fun to talk about our days after school.  Mrs. Bege could not have been a more perfect teacher for you.  Not only has she pushed you to be an amazing mathematician but your reading has improved by leaps and bounds!  She is the most sensitive teacher you could have.  As you turn eight today, you continue to be a sweet and sensitive little boy.  The other day your friend got physically bullied at recess.  You came to me sobbing so worried about him.  You are a very loyal friend.  You make good choices with who you should spend time around.  That is a great quality to posses at such an early age.  
    Last night, your belly hurt when you were trying to fall asleep.  I knew right away it was your nerves.  When you get overly excited or nervous you get a bad belly ache.  I told you to lay in my bed.  I came and laid next to you.  I rubbed your eyebrows and sang, Who Loves Christian and Go to Sleep My Little Baby to you just like I've been  doing since you were an infant.  However, now my opportunities are far and few between.  I could see your profile in the dim light from the bathroom.  I noticed you were still wearing your watch you just received from your buddy for your birthday.  Your breathing slowed down and I watched you actually fall asleep.  I loved every second of it.
          I don't think I could ever love you more than I do today.  But, then again, I've been thinking that same thing for the last eight years.
                              Lots of love, Mommy

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