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Friday, January 1, 2016

Victoria's Luau Birthday Party

I thought I posted this months ago….but turns out I never finished it!

Victoria chose to wait for her birthday party until we moved.
So she waited late June.
The house was under MAJOR construction.
Thank goodness we had a gorgeous day and everyone enjoyed her Luau party outside!
We have some very amazing sunrises and sunsets here.
This was the night before her party in our backyard.

The boys ran and ran and ran playing soccer and tag in the front yard.

Grace and her favorite auntie!

These two could totally pass for twins!

This has been my wall paper on my phone since that day!
Love everything about it!

Victoria with our babysitter extraordinaire and my former second grader!

Gifts under the tree

Buying her books is risky because she's a super good reader for her age…
But Amanda got this one right!
It turned out to be her favorite series of all time and there were three more waiting for her to read!

Cousin Love!

Beth, my mentor and her daughter my flower girl!
Love them both and so happy they continue to be such special parts of our lives, showing up for the kids' special days!

I love this cake!

I love when you find a really good family and the kids love each other.
Totally the case with these two!

LOVE that my cousin and I are family on both sides! ;-)

Mama and Papa!

Baby Sebastian!

Great Grandpa and Linda.

Great Grandma - 
My kids are very blesses to have two great grandparents!

Mama & Papa!

Victoria's first BFF Julia and her sister Samantha.
Another very good family we're blessed to call friends.

Aunt Molly and Brian.
Truly the best Godmother God ever created.
She is amazing in so many ways.

Playing in the black "Hawaiian" sand is too tempting.

My little brother.
An expert on Hawaii!
He's taking his girls there this spring!

Happy Birthday to You….

Holding her hair back after that fateful day when she was four and her hair started on fire from the candles at her Scooby Doo party.

Another one of my favorite people. 
She is a friend that would drop anything to help a friend.

We've lived here for just over seven months now.
So far, that Luau party is my very favorite memory.
It was a gorgeous day filled with people that love Victoria!
It was perfect!

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