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Friday, January 1, 2016

New Post, New Year

It's a new year.  This year is not about finishing my classes to max. out my pay scale (ok it's a little bit about that), not about losing weight (again)….my resolution is getting back to blogging.  To remember and recalling as I type.  For putting this out there for other's to read, but more for me to reread and for my kids to read some day.

So starting today, the very first day of 2016, I vow to post at least once a week for the year.  It feels good just to login again.  Glad I could remember how to do it!

Each year since Grace, my Goddaughter/niece/second cousin, has been born I take her for a photoshoot to Hammond, WI either just before her birthday or Christmas.  I turn a year of pictures into a Birthday Book (just as I do for my own children).

Here are some highlights of the nearly 100 pics I walked away with on Dec. 22nd.

Can you even believe Grace's adorableness?!
She as sweet as she is cute too!

This is my current favorite.
It's enlarged in our living room.

Pretty sure these two are on their way to Prom…with different people of course.
They are so cute together it's ridiculous!
They look so similar they could be twins!
I LOVE sharing this experience with my cousin.
When we were little we always said we'd marry brothers and have kids at the same time.
We hit the nail on the head!

If you know Brecken at all, you also know Ning Ning his blankie.
He thanks God for Ning Ning each night.  When I tell him I love him and ask who he loves he always answers Ning Ning! with a  huge smile!

These bothers love each other so much!
And, lucky for me, they still love to match!
They were both thrilled when I came home with matching suits!!

This little girl, my only daughter, is the sweetest, smartest little angel.  She is very small for her age, however, her intelligence and her work ethic amazes me each and every single day.

This is Christian's official 8 year picture.
Today marks the beginning of Birthday Season for us.
Christian's 8th birthday party is in three weeks from tomorrow.
For the first time in his life he'll have a birthday party at home.
He's chosen to have a Football party.  He is going to have a friend party (playing football in the snow) at 2:00 with a family party at 4:00.
Having birthday parties at the old house were the memories I will hold in my heart forever.
These first few parties at the new house are the memories we've been waiting to make!
There's nothing I enjoy more than party planning!
His invites are out and adorable! 
He's old enough now to care about the details and chose two cupcake cakes for his party.

This two year old deserves his very own blog about the past year.
I notice the amazing gains he's made each and every single day….however, to hear from other people about how well and how much he's speaking, how well behaved he is…
is actually
I've prayed for him more than anything in my entire life.
It is truly like a miracle, how well he's doing.
Stay tuned for details….

Grace and her favorite auntie. 
I always take one of just her and me to end her book with.
Love that little girl, like she's my own.

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