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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to Preschool

Victoria headed back to preschool today.  She literally couldn't have been any more excited!  She slept the latest of her entire life - 7:35am!  Christian and I were ready to walk out the door when my darling daughter came running down the hall in her over sized Scooby Doo nightshirt yelling, "Look how big I got after sleeping so long!"  Luckily she had picked out her back to school dress last night.  She slipped that baby on and slid on her sparkly tennis shoes and we were out the door with backpack in hand.  I dropped the kids off at daycare and Victoria was jumping up and down telling Kris that she gets to ride the bus to Ms. Joy's class today! 

I went back to Kris' house on my lunch break today to find Christian happily playing hockey.

How cute is that? 

Then Victoria wanted to show of her backpack from Aunt Molly.

The bus came just a couple minutes late.  All the kids were so excited to watch Victoria head out.  She gave her little Bobo a kiss and told him to nap while she was gone.  (Big sisters!)

There she is on the bus with her BFF - Jenna - right behind her.  Jenna and Victoria's daycares are just houses apart on the same block.  So I dropped Laura off at Jenna's daycare and headed down the street to V & C's daycare.  Then Laura actually rode the preschool bus down the street to us!  It was pretty cute.  Good thing these preschool teachers are patient with us crazy mommys! 

Then we followed the bus to the preschool and were there when they got off too. 

We followed them inside to see the question of the day:
Have you ever ridden a horse?
Both Jenna and Victoria marked yes - clearly since Hershey visits V's bday every year.

Here's the first shot of the year with Ms. Joy

How cute are those two?  I'm so excited for Victoria to have another great year learning academically and socially.  There's already a field trip to the apple orchard planned.  It's going to be a great year!

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